Introduction of quantitative cyclodextrin

In August 2007, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare issued the 8th Edition of Japanese Standards of Food Additives, and in addition to beta-cyclodextrin (hereinafter "beta‐CD"), alfa and ganma-CD were added. The major revision to the Standards was the specifications of "quantitative beta-cyclodextrin," a standard substance which determines the quantity of beta‐CD, and "content (over 99.0%)" was deleted, and "related substance" was listed together with "specific optical rotation" in the section of purity test. Furthermore, in alfa and ganma, "quantities" was newly specified and listed.

There was great inconvenience because quantities CD reagents were not in the market in the past. We have decided to sell various "quantities alfa/beta/ganma-cyclodextrin" which conform to the Standards after the issue of its 8th Edition.

Additionally, make sure to use those products after drying them thoroughly due to the fact that the standard value of drying loss is 14%.

*See the below pdf file for details of the products handled by our company.