Residual chlorine measurement reagent "DPD Method reagent"

Chlorine or chlorine agent are used for water quality control for tap water, swimming pool, food manufacturing
water, etc. As the water quality standard, the residual chlorine density is determined, and its measurement is
mandatory. The former tap water quality test methods were "colorimetric method (DPD Method, o-tolidine
method), electric current method," but taking into account the finding concerning toxicity of o-tolidine (carcinogen) and finding of water quality technology, etc., and by the announcement of the Ministry of Welfare on December 26, 2000 ("Concerning the partial revision of 'Constitution of Standards Regarding Tap Water Quality'," issue No.: 1876, by the Environmental Health Bureau), o-tolidine method was removed (as a transitional measure, from April 1, 2002), and spectrophotometric method was newly employed to constitute "colorimetric method (DPD Method), electric current method, spectrophotometric method." Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is planning to thereafter follow this announcement for the measurement of swimming pools and food manufacturing water, etc. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is also instructing to convert the test method of school environmental sanitary (school swimming pools) and school food service sanitary control to the above method. Due to those conditions, we decided to distribute above newly prepared reagents in order to easily measure residual chlorine by DPD Method. We hope to you take advantage of our products.

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